Aggies For Truth

Aggies For Truth


Attending college is an exciting and special phase in a person’s life, when many life changes occur. Students learn and grow, often developing opinions, beliefs, and perspectives which they will hold for the rest of their lives. As such, it is important to have a strong system for spiritual development and support, and Aggies for Truth strives to fulfill this need. Aggies for Truth is the campus ministry of the Bryan/College Station (BCS) church of Christ and is overseen by the elders there. We seek to strengthen students’ faith and knowledge of the scriptures as well as provide a network of friendships with other Christians that will last for life. We have several organized activities including prayer meetings, singing nights, devotionals, and service projects. We pray that through our actions, the Lord our God is both pleased and glorified (Col 3.12-17; Matt 5.16).

Our mission is to comprehend, confirm, clarify, and convey the Truth with fellow Aggies from the Holy Bible, without any bias.

  • Comprehend: to understand the meaning accurately
  • Confirm: to verify that our understanding is correct and well-founded
  • Clarify: to make our understanding precise
  • Convey: to share the Truth with as many as possible

College Bible Study:

Every Thursday evening, we meet together to enjoy an evening of fellowship and study. We start off with a home-cooked meal. After that, we sing a few hymns and songs of praise, then begin our Bible study. Our theme for this semester is "Foundational Themes'". The meal starts at 7:00pm and study begins at 8:00pm; if you are unable to come for the meal, you are welcome to come just for the study. Please contact us at for the address and more information.

Student-led Study:

On the last Thursday of each month, we meet on campus for a student-led study. We will speak on Rahab, Gideon, and Jepthah. The time and location for each meeting are on the calendar.


Come learn more about us! Our informational is on 1/30 in Rudder 201 at 7 pm.