2024 MDC Workbook

2024 MDC Workbook

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Wednesday - June 5th

8:30 AM   2 Timothy, Chapter 1 - (Eric Pitcock)

9:30 AM   Evidences - Irreducible Complexity (Chris Jagge)

10:30 AM   History - The Egyptians (Trent Thrasher)

1:00 PM   How Jesus Dealt with... The Multitudes (Mike Bonner)

2:00 PM   Current Events: How do you raise "a son," in this crazy world? (Kerry Clark, Bryan Braswell, & Ryan Smith)

3:00 PM   Doctrinal Deep-Dive: Miracles & The Holy Spirit? (Rick Popejoy & Morne Stephanus)

6:30 PM   One God (John Hall)

7:30 PM   One Lord (Michael Shepherd)

Thursday - June 6th

8:30 AM   2 Timothy, Chapter 2 (Trent Kennedy)

9:30 AM   Evidences - Noah's Ark (Branyon May)

10:30 AM   History - The Canaanites (Bryan Braswell)

1:00 PM   How Jesus Dealt with... Persecution (John McCormack)

2:00 PM   Current Events Panel: How do you raise "a daughter," in this crazy world? (Cody Damron, Ronnie Scherffius, Ryan Smithey)

3:00 PM   Doctrinal Deep-Dive: The Indwelling of The Holy Spirit? (Rick Popejoy & Brant Stubblefield)

7:30 PM   One Spirit (Stephen Wiggins)

Friday - June 7th

8:30 AM   2 Timothy, Chapter 3 (Morne Stephanus)

9:30 AM   Evidences - The Influence of Darwin (Paden Reed) (The Descent of Man)

10:30 AM   History - The Philistines (Ronnie Scherffius) (Lessons from the Philistines)

1:00 PM   How Jesus Dealt with... Hypocrites (Kerry Clark)

2:00 PM   Current Events Panel: Does the Christian have the right to "Self Defense?" (Terrance Brownlow-Dindy, Rick Popejoy, & Mike Bonner )

3:00 PM   Doctrinal Deep-Dive: What about... The Direct Operation of The Holy Spirit? (Brant Stubblefield & Tom Wacaster)

Saturday - June 8th

8:30 AM   2 Timothy, Chapter 4 (Omari French)

9:30 AM   Evidences - Hezekiah's Tunnel (Daniel Horne)

10:30 AM   History - The Romans (Tom Wacaster)

1:00 PM   How Jesus Dealt with... False Teachers (Tom Moore)

2:00 PM   Current Events: What is "Cultural Marxism" and why is it wrong? (Omari French, Trent Thrasher, & Michael Light)

3:00 PM   Doctrinal Deep-Dive: Calvinism & The Holy Spirit? (John Hall & Tom Wacaster)

6:30 PM   One Faith (Terrance Brownlow-Dindy)

7:30 PM   One Baptism (Jason Rollo) (In Christ Jesus) (Metcalf - Rollo Debate) (Why I'm not a Baptist)

Sunday - June 9th

9:30 AM   One Body (Michael Light)

10:30 AM   One in Unity (Brant Stubblefield)

1:30 PM   One in Hope (BJ Clarke)